Application Process

It's easy to apply using our online form and only takes a few minutes. The more detailed and personal you present yourself, the better we are able to tell if you would fit the position you desire.

The application process differs depending on the position for which you are applying. In all cases, we will first carefully examine your application. Please understand that this sometimes takes a bit longer – we simply want to make sure that the position and the applicant are as good of a match as possible.


What should I include in my application?

A complete application includes a well-written cover letter, a complete, tabular resume and your most recent school report and/or employment referen

What information should I include in my cover letter?

Please make sure to include the job title and the date you would like to start working in your cover letter. Please also explain your interest in the position/career and let us know why you are particularly well-suited for the position with your special talents and abilities. Write clearly, precisely, and objectively.

Should I include all educational qualifications in my resume?

If you are applying for an internship, or a thesis program, we will expect a detailed list of schools you attended and any qualifications or degrees. Experienced professionals only need to list the highest qualification attained.

What else do I need to consider with my resume?

A proper resume begins with your personal information. Present your professional experience and any internships or training as completely as possible and also provide special skills such as programing languages, computer literacy, languages, etc. To gain a complete picture, we are also interested in your hobbies and/or any volunteer work.

Which certificates/references are relevant?

Please include scans of certificates and references that indicate the highest degree you have attained, past employment and, if applicable, any further training. This includes school and university diplomas, any key qualifications, and employment references.

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